ZANALA Bangladesh

ZANALA Bangladesh wrapping up Growth Monitoring and Promotion (GMP) communication campaign for UNICEF

The campaign aims to inform people about the importance of regular growth rate monitoring of children under the age of 5 and to make the monitoring tool available within the city. The campaign is designed and being implemented by ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd. With the support of UNICEF Bangladesh, ministry of health is facilitating the Communication Campaign on Growth Monitoring and Promotion (GMP) within Dhaka City Area.

So far ZANALA Bangladesh has carried out a number of campaign activations. 650 pharmacies, 350 health centers have been recruited where the Growth Monitoring Cards are readily available. A website has been designed from where users can download the GMP card and get necessary relevant information. A helpline has been occupied dedicated to the users, 42 Street Dramas in 10 zones in Dhaka City have been organized to generate a buzz in the activation zones. The Brand Promoters of the GMP campaign have begun one to one preaching in front of health centers, schools and market places. As of June 30th about 82,000 people have been directly reached and indirectly reached an undefined number of people through the activation campaign.